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There are potentially 7 different ceremony parts to select music for:

1) Prelude  (15-20 minutes background music will be played prior to beginning of ceremony - I will play background music while your guests come in and are seated).  Classical pieces, Jim Brickman, Lori Line, Michele McLaughlin, Enya, David Lanz, Paul Cardall, Ciani selections are among the songs that work for this part.  **I typically select what to play for this portion of time prior to the ceremony once I see what kind of music you have chosen for the other parts of the ceremony.

2) Mom's Entrance (or grandmothers, etc) - need a song selected for the moms (or other significant guests/family) coming down aisle and getting seated on either side.  Do you want a formal mom’s entrance?

3) Processional - Minister, groom, and any attendants come down aisle - need a processional-style song for this. Depends on how small or large your processional is – how many attendants?

4) Bride's Entrance - can be traditional Bridal Chorus (different arrangements available), or anything else that you would like to walk down to (see list below for other choices).

5) Unity/Sand Candle Are you going to have one?  If so, you will need to select a song for this - something quiet and meditative usually works best.

6) Rose Presentation: Given to Moms or for Memorial Will roses be presented?  If so, I continue to play the song that you choose for the Unity Candle unless you want something different.

7) Recessional - minister announces you and your fiance’ as "husband and wife" and you walk out.  You may want to select a processional-style (or up-beat) song for this (see link to music list below).  The traditional Wedding March is often used for the recessional.

Wedding Structure

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